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Fiddler Crabs and Babies

28 Mar

Allometry is the study of the relative change in proportion of an attribute compared to another one during organismal growth. Basically when a body part grow bigger and another grows smaller over time. Allometric growth can be seen in nonhuman primates. For example the jaw and other facial structures of baboons have a growth rate about four and one-quarter times that of the skull. As the baboon matures, the jaw protrudes further and further until it dominates the facial features. A power function that depicts allometry is F(x) = Kx^P. I had trouble finding examples of positive and negative allometry formulas, if anyone know please share.


Graphs that Bend

27 Mar

When a graph is concave up it means that the average rate of change is increasing if you move from left to right and when the graph is concave down it means that the average rate of change is decreasing as you move from left to right. For a graph to concave up, it means that the slope is increasing which means the second derivative over an interval must be greater than zero and for it to concave down it means that the slope is decreasing and the second derivative is negative. What else do you know about concavity?


Function Machines

27 Mar

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.06.08 PMFunctions can be thought of as machines by thinking of inputing a number into a machine with a formula and the machine is processing it and it delivers an answer which is the output. The domain is the numbers that you are allowed to use as the input. The range is the set of different outputs you can get. The inputs I insert in the functions machine to acquire the same outputs are F (1), G(2), H(6) and P(1) which all have the output 1. I could not find numbers that cannot be the output of these functions if you have let me know. What else do you want to know about function machines?

Stock Price – Microsoft Corporation

27 Mar

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 6.07.04 PMI decided to do Microsoft because it is one the worlds most successful companies. Calculating the average rate of change is finding the difference between cost A and cost B divided by the time span. From Feb 1 – March 3 there is $0.67 difference which is a 1.05% increase. I then divided by 30 days and it equals to $0.02. The company loses $0.02 per day, in the last 30 days. What else do you want to know about the average rate of change.


Math Autobiography

9 Mar

One of my best memories of math was in the fifth grade. The teacher was teaching us how to find what percent A is of B. She gave us the formula part/whole times percent/100 so whatever part of the formula the question gave you, you’d just plug it in. It was easy for me ┬áto do and was probably the only time when I actually enjoyed math other than learning the times tables.But then came geometry and trig which made me hate math because it was too complex for me.