Exponential Skyscrapers

2 Jun

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 1.13.40 PM


Growth rate is the addend by which a quantity increases (or decreases) over time. For example, compound interest is a growth factor situation: If your investment yields 10% annually, then that means that each year, your total has multiplied itself by 110% (the growth factor is 1.10). 

I chose the Chrysler Building which is located in New York and is 1,045 ft. A domino is 5mm so I used the equation 5(1.5)^x.

1.5 is the size difference in each domino, So I did 5(1.5)^13.2 which is 1,055. That means it would take about 13.2 dominos to knock this tower down.

How dominos would it take to knock your building down?




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