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Reflection Before the Exam

12 Jun

Since the first exam I can say I learned many new things including, Logarithms, Rational functions, Exponential Functions, Composition of Function and Inverse Function. Other topics as well but I can not remember them. I feel as the new topics that we are learning are more complex. None of these ideas have really been a surprise just headaches. The deeper we go into more complex math, the more I am going to wileyplus to study, but it does not help much.

How do you feel about the class?



8 Apr

In this semester we’ve learned several topics such as linear functions, average rates of change and polynomial in the short-run and the long-run, exponential function, and quadratic functions. I don’t think pre-calculus has been much different than the math I learned in high school. Calculating the average rate of change was surprising to me because it was something new that I never learned. The most interesting idea was finding the roots. However the topic I had most trouble with was piecewise functions.

I think the idea Ill use the most is calculating the average rate of change. It is the change in the value of a quantity divided by the elapsed time. For a function, this is the change in the y-value divided by the change in the x-value for two distinct points on the graph. Something I would like to go differently moving forward is having the professor teach more using the white board instead of desmos.

What do you want to do differently going forward?